The Last Super 8 Film by Dan Oki to screen at Argos in Brussels 

This feature experimental documentary film can be seen until December 3rd, and it is worthy to note that it has been selected into the Argos collection and distribution.

Slobodan Jokić, under the artistic name Dan Oki, is a filmmaker and artist, as well as a professor of film and electronic arts at the Universities of Split and Zagreb. He belongs to the 90s generation of underground filmmakers in Amsterdam, expressing themselves through film and photography, creating digital cinematographic databases and interactive protocols for moving pictures.

The Last Super 8 Film was shot in Super 8mm format over a period of 30 years. From the very beginning, some parts were shot as films, while most parts are private recordings. As the author grew and matured from an adolescent to a middle-aged man, so did the content and forms of his films. We can see various types such as home-videos and performances, as well as clean-cut documentary reflections on life. The Last Super 8 Film is a holy personal betrayal, in which he cinematographically establishes himself through the deadly embrace of memories and those forgotten, delving into the loss of mental territory which never existed, travelling through oblivion as the homeland of consciousness.

Argos is the leading Belgian national institute for art film and video. It is also the first, and most encompassing, art center dedicated to this form of artistic creation. It is known around the globe as dedicated to protecting, restoring, producing and presenting art films and videos. For more information please click here.

Cover phots: scenes from The Last Super 8 Film

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