Stipan Tadić is the author of this year's World Festival of Animated Film - Animafest Zagreb festival illustration

The author of this year's World Festival of Animated Film - Animafest Zagreb illustration is Stipan Tadić. Tadić is one of the most prominent Croatian painters of the younger generation, has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions all over the world and is a winner of several awards. His unusual approach in creating the visuals won over the artistic director Daniel Šuljić and the rest of the Festival Council who had unanimously decided that Stipan will be the author of the poster and the trailer for Animafest Zagreb 2018.

This year's festival theme is Horror in Animation and Stipan described his illustration as a profile of a man, an anatomical cross-section of his face: 'Within the body there is a psychedelic world that has organic and floral forms at the bottom that then grow, transform and pass through various aerial and liquid elements and eventually disperse. Mutation of shapes and transformation from one shape to another is a constant motif on the poster, and will be in the festival trailer too.'

Stipan said his intention was to do something psychedelic: 'At the time I made the poster I was also working on an psychedelic album cover. It was a black and white frontal silhouette of a man, and I wanted to do the same thing again – but in profile and with colour, inspired by the 16th century Italian artist, Giuseppe Arcimboldo.' He pointed out that the poster is somewhat different from his other work, but that he may focus on the similar style more in the future. 'The poster is, in a way, a testing ground of a new style. I used to include psychedelic parts, like a dream or a trauma illustrated in my comics a few times before. I've always loved the 1960's, especially late '60s and early '70s, so the style I've been testing is inspired by this aesthetics.'

In addition to the poster for the upcoming edition of Animafest Zagreb, Stipan Tadić will also be the author of the festival trailer. 'This is the first time I'm doing animation. Animator Petra Balekić is helping me with the drawing process and Luka Hrgović will 'assemble' everything on the computer as well as animate. Music for the trailer will be done by Luka Šipetić and Dino Santaleza. They are a great team, without them I would probably need a whole year to do the animation' Stipan concluded.

The festival's visual identity is again signed by the Kuna zlatica designer team, continuing their collaboration with Animafest Zagreb since 2014.

Cover photos: Stipan Tadić; Animafest logo

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