Minority co-production Sieranevada is Romania’s Oscar candidate

The Croatian minority co-production Sieranevada, directed by Cristi Puiu, has been selected as Romania’s candidate for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Oscar Award in the category of Best Foreign Film. The film is a five-country co-production: Romania, France, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia.

Sieranevada depicts a family gathering at a commemorative dinner. Waiting for the priest’s arrival, those present discuss connected and unconnected events in the world, including war. The film is both written and directed by Cristi Puiu, and the Croatian team includes actress Petra Kurtela, casting directors Marina Redžepović and Ivana Ivišić, hair stylist Štefanija Roso, make-up assistant Evelina Cikron, lead camera Igor Miklošić Figo, composer Bojan Gagić, and visual effects master Tom Vujnović. The producers are Romania’s Mandragora, while co-producers are Alcatraz Films (France), Spiritus Movens (Croatia), 2006. (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Sisters and Brother Mitevski (Macedonia). The Croatian producer is Zdenka Gold.

The film premiered at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, and screening is scheduled at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival in September.

The 89th Oscar Awards will be held in Los Angeles on February 26th, 2017.