Christopher Peter Marcich named Chief Executive Officer of Croatian Audiovisual Centre

At the 9th assembly of the executive board of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Christopher Peter Marcich was unanimously elected to a four year term as the new Chief Executive Officer of Croatian Audiovisual Centre, effective from May 1st.

After having completed interviews with all potential candidates, the Croatian Audiovisual Centre’s executive board held its 9th assembly on Monday, April 15. Those present included the Board’s president Bruno Kragić, along with members Jadranka Hrga, Igor Starčević, Anto Bajo and Davor Švaić

The executive board unanimously elected Christopher Peter Marcich to a four-year term as the new Chief Executive Officer of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC).

'Thank you to the executive board for their endorsement. This appointment is for me both a great honor and challenge. I am counting on everyone's support, both in private and public sectors, and as well as that of the HAVC team. The priority now is to effectively carry out the existing National Program. But we need stronger, more coherent support for the whole branch in order to create conditions for greater success and, I am confident, a bright future. This is important not only for our industry, but for our country too,' said Marcich upon his appointment.

Kragić stated that Marcich was selected based on ‘the whole package, his international references, his in-depth knowledge of audiovisual trends and processes, the possibility to do great things with the HAVC, and the general stability that our colleague offers.’ He added that the new HAVC director spent most of his time working abroad; he worked as a negotiator in the US Department of Commerce as a European assistant, and also has years of experience in a number of American film association branches – the MPA, a consortium of major film companies.

He also participated in commerce negotiations between the United States and Europe and ‘has extensive knowledge of that segment of international relations; quotas, intellectual property, and film product placement. He is familiar with the current state of Croatian cinematography, more as an observer than a participant, but that might actually be an advantage from a practical perspective, not being too much on the inside,’ said Kragić.

He said the executive board believes that Marcich will not have any problems learning about the segments with which he is not so familiar, even though he is already ‘quite aware of the whole spectrum of HAVC activities, the Centre’s general function, as well as how it functions on the international scene, and understands very well the role of the HAVC director.

The executive board believes that one of the main tasks of the new director in the mid-term is to maintain and raise financial allocations to various segments of audiovisual activities, and that the financial aspects of these activities be clear and defined.

In the short-term, it is necessary to further structuralize relations with HRT (Croatian Radio Television) and work on international placement and promotion, while in the long-term, Kragić notes, it is imperative to develop a new National Programme for Audiovisual Works in the coming mandate, and finalise regulations detailing deadlines, criteria and incentives.

Christopher Peter Marcich's CV is available in the link to the right of the text. 

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