At his own request, Daniel Rafaelić has asked to be relieved of his duties as Chief Executive Officer of the HAVC

At the 6th Croatian Audiovisual Centre’s Board Session held on February 14, 2019, with: Bruno Kragić (president), Jadranka Hrga (member), Igor Starčević (member), Anto Bajo (member) and Davor Švaić (member), Daniel Rafaelić requested he be relieved of his duties as Chief Executive Officer of HAVC.

At the same session, Daniel Rafaelić was named temporary director until a new one is selected.

We’ve accepted Rafaelić’s request which he submitted citing personal reasons, and we offered that he elaborate on his reasons for leaving. He said he had nothing to add, that his reasons are of a personal nature and that he stands by them. We now need to put together a public call for applications, which we will, hopefully, agree upon within the next week.’, said the president of the HAVC Board Bruno Kragić.

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