Animated TV Serial Adventures of Gloria Scott and Fiction Film Constitution of the Republic of Croatia Win MEDIA Sub-programme Funds

Creative Europe Desk – MEDIA Office has released the results of the first deadline of MEDIA Sub-programme’s open call (2014/2015). Croatian beneficiaries were once again successful and ensured the total amount of € 129,200. In the single project development category, Croatian beneficiaries were granted € 90,000, and in the selective distribution category € 39,200.

For the first time, in the single project development category, MEDIA Sub-programme (EACEA 17/2014) supported the development of a Croatian animated TV serial Adventures of Gloria Scott with € 60,000. The serial is produced by Dijana Mlađenović (Kinematograf d.o.o.), directed by Tvrtko Rašpolić and Matija Pisačić, and written by Jasna Žmak, Mima Simić and Matija Pisačić, based on short story collection Adventures of Gloria Scott by Mima Simić, about a famous London detective Gloria Scott and her close friend Mary Lambert. The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency attached the following explanation: “This is an outstanding project, with a brilliant original concept, parodying the work of a detective. In a certain way it dismantles the usual genre form and offers a new take on a crime story. The project is a result of unique artistic work with abundant intertextual references to art history, film and pop culture. For all these reasons, the project is feasible and interesting and has transmedia potential.”

Another project supported in the fiction film category is Constitution of the Republic of Croatia, granted € 30,000. The film is produced by Ivan Maloča (Interfilm d.o.o.), directed by Rajko Grlić and written by Ante Tomić and Rajko GrlićThe Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency assessed the project: “This project develops a story about an extraordinary couple: the main character is a grumpy man forced to spend time with quite a different person. The dramaturgical backbone of the story is potentially commercially interesting. The script is well designed, with layered and colourful characters. At the same time the story is entertaining and touching, without being overly sentimental. Finally, we can safely say that it will find its way to international art-house audience precisely because of the universal subject matter the film tackles.”

Also, at the first deadline for selective distribution (EACEA/23/2014), Croatian distributers were granted funds amounting to €39,200 in total (2I film d.o.o. - € 10,600; Zagreb Film Festival art association - € 9,000; Discovery d.o.o. - € 8,300; M.R.T.N. MEDIA d.o.o. - € 6,000; and Continental d.o.o. - € 5,300).

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