Kinookus Food Film Festival

Location: Ston
Festival dates: June 29 – July 2 | 8th Edition

Kinookus FFF is the oldest active international food film festival in Europe. It has been designed as a multidisciplinary platform for rethinking about a complex relation between man and the environment, new social and cultural models with a special focus on the issue of industrial food processing. The event has the aim to return the film culture to the public space of Ston and Mali Ston, adequately valorizing local monumental and natural heritage, and to include, to the highest possible extent, the local community in the organization of the festival and its implementation. The eight edition is going to be held in the new period from 29 June until 2 July under the general topic Sailbites – A Journey Through the Food Heritage of the Republic of Dubrovnik. In all the festival sections the focus will be on the revitalization of the affluent food heritage of the Republic of Dubrovnik, its cultural, social and economic potential and importance. 

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