The Porcupine

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  • RS, HR, DE, UK, BG, PL, MK
  • 130'
  • thriller, drama
  • Orig. Title: Bodljikavo prase

In the wake of the Velvet Revolution that deposed him, Communist dictator and former president Stoyo Petkanov, known as The Porcupine, awaits the beginning of his trial in a prison cell. With the eyes of the world fixed upon it, this trial will be a mass media showcase. Prosecutor General, Peter Solinsky has his own reasons for taking the case. His father, once a friend and close ally of Petkanov’s, was expelled from the Party and exiled as a counter revolutionary. With all traces of Petkanov’s major crimes eliminated by his secret police, Solinsky embarks on a hunt for new evidence, which leads him into the darkest recesses of his shattered country.

Srđan Dragojević
Srđan Dragojević, Jeff Cox
Based on a Story by
Julian Barnes
Dušan Joksimović
Petar Marković
Art Direction
Milenko Jeremić
Costume Design
Ivana Vasić
Tomasz Gassowski
Karl Markovics, Franziska Petri, Nora von Waldstatten, Meto Jovanovski, Toni Mihajlovski, Rade Šerbedžija, Nikola Ristanovski, Daniel Olbrychski
Biljana Prvanović
Delirium (RS)
Drugi plan (HR), Sektor film (MK), Departures Film (DE), Camera (BG), Film and Music Entertainment F&ME (UK), Zair Sp (PL)
World Sales
Stealth Media Group

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