Miracle at Viper’s Glen

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  • HR, RS
  • 120'
  • romantic comedy
  • Orig. Title: Čudo u Poskokovoj Dragi

One of the many things Croatia is bringing into the European Union is the viper, the most venomous snake on the continent. Viper’s Glen, a village hidden among barren rocks is the birthplace of the Viper family, an outlaw clan that has been in conflict with every state and empire that ever ruled the area. Today, the only family members remaining are Jozo and his four burly sons. The eldest son, Krešimir, has decided to get married. In spite of his father’s opposition, Krešimir sets off to find Lovorka, a waitress he spent a night with fifteen years ago. However, Lovorka is about to marry Kapulica, a police chief. Determined to win her back, Krešimir, his brothers and a few of his loyal war buddies decide to wage a merciless war against Kapulica and his cops.

Rajko Grlić
Ante Tomić, Rajko Grlić
Andrija Zafranović
Art Direction
Ivo Hušnjak
Costume Design
Blanka Budak
Saša Antić (The Beat Fleet)
Miodrag Sila, Nebojša Taraba
Drugi Plan (HR)
Mike Downey, Srđan Dragojević, Biljana Prvanović
Delirium (RS)

Filmography – Rajko Grlić (1947)

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