Lux in Tenebris

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  • 7'
  • 3D

At the beginning of the 20th century a great novelty emerges: electricity becomes part of everyday life. Some lamps in a lightbulb shop’s window display are having a wonderful time, amusing themselves by playing with the beams of light from their bulbs. In an abandoned candlestick shop across the street, a lonely candlestick is watching them. Late that night, when all the lights have died out, he sneaks out of his shop, determined to join the electric lamps across the street.

Darko Bućan
Darko Bućan
Darko Bućan
Darko Bućan, Darko Tomičić
Computer Graphics
Darko Bućan, Darko Tomičić
Character Design
Darko Bućan
Vjeran Šalamon
Sound Design
Vjeran Šalamon
Darko Bućan
Art Film Atelier

Selected Filmography – Darko Bućan (1965)

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  • Can a One-Minute Movie Fit 94-Foot Long Cine Film? (2007) – animation short

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