Guj Against Boredom

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  • 5'
  • digibeta
  • 3D
  • Orig. Title: Guj protiv dosade

This animated film follows the battle between a small boy and the unwelcome sensation of boredom. The root cause of his ennui lies in his parents’ busy schedule. The youngster does not want to drown in the sadness of a rainy day. Because he does not know how to define the unpleasant feeling of being bored, he leaps around the room, tiring himself out. Then he sits down and starts sketching on a piece of paper. At first, as a way of identifying the feeling inside him, he draws ugly characters. The small boy’s drawings come alive and he invents a new game called ‘defeating the Boredom’.

Frano Petruša
Frano Petruša
Livio Rajh, Miroslav Hundak, Frano Petruša
Marjeta Lisac
Character Design
Frano Petruša
Marjeta Lisac, Dražen Zeljković
Sound Design
Duško Samarđić Kovačić
Goce Vaskov
In Fine
In Fine

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