view in croatian
  • BG, HR, DE
  • 2012
  • 16'30"
  • digibeta, beta SP
  • color
  • Orig. Title: Obid

The sudden visit of an old fisherman’s son and daughter-in-law thrusts him into the midst of an existential drama; they present him with an ultimatum, asking him for a swift decision that entirely changesthe mood of this family reunion. The old man, who is celebrating the first family gathering in seven years with a seafood lunch, has a dilemma: whether to make the right decision and resist his son’s demands to sign over the house, or whether to allow parental love to prevail. Or is his disappointment so great that he no longer cares? Left alone with the uneaten meal, and a promise from his son and daughter-in-law to return for another visit, the film raises questions about family relationships and the values of modern society.

Ivan Bogdanov | Asparuh Petrov | Dmitry Yagodin | Rositsa Raleva | Moritz Mayerhofer | Veljko Popović
Ivan Bogdanov
Asparuh Petrov | Dmitry Yagodin | Vessela Dancheva | Moritz Mayerhofer | Kristijan Dulić
Character Design
Asparuh Petrov | Dmitry Yagodin | Rositsa Raleva | Christopher Lutz | Veljko Popović
Ivan Bogdanov
Petar Doundakov
Sound Design
Emil Iliev
Harry Anichkin | Ivana Gavrailova | Eltimir Aleksandrov | Deliana Hristova | Boris Deliradev | Katrin Toneva
Maria Stanisheva
Compote Collective (BG)
Bonobostudio (HR), Eyecatch Productions (DE)

Selected Filmography – Ivica Mušan (1977)

  • Hanging Flowers (2010) – fiction short

Croatian film catalogue

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