Deus Ex Vacuum Tube

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  • 3D
  • Orig. Title: Bog iz vakuumske cijevi

The main character wakes up, gets out of bed and starts to exercise; he carries out his routine morning activities in surroundings that resemble a normal suburban house. Over breakfast, he reads the newspapers and finds an article about a group of Italian scientists known as the Panisperna Boys, and  Ettore Majorana, an Italian physicist who disappeared in mysterious circumstances in 1938. Suddenly the main character walks into the elevator that is hidden in his gym, and descends to the ground floor. Then he enters a sophisticated, alien-style control room, where everything looks very different.

Elvis Popović
Elvis Popović
Elvis Popović, Dmitrij Leppee
Elvis Popović
Elvis Popović
Character Design
Elvis Popović, Dmitrij Leppee
Sound Design
Jurica Grossinger
Elvis Popović
EPC Animation studio

Selected Filmography – Elvis Popović (1969)

  • Deus Ex Vacuum Tube (2013) – animation short
  • Touch Poincare (2012) – experimental short
  • Hyper (2010) – animation short
  • Clockwork morning (2009) – animation short
  • Dolazi vlak (2006) – animation short

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