Blue Arpeggios

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  • 2012
  • 5'
  • beta SP
  • color

Blue Arpeggios avoids a conventional structural narrative and can be understood as a metaphor for consciousness, perception or as a reflection on the individual’s place in nature. The fixed gaze becomes an exploration of the subjective world of perception, cognition and imagination. The music, composed by Francisco López, evokes and strengthens the inner landscape of associations. "Sometimes the landscape is the subject; at other times it shares the moment in balance with an action taking place within it; yet always its energy is present and felt for what it is – the natural raw material of the human psyche." – Bill Viola

Davor Sanvincenti
Davor Sanvincenti
Davor Sanvincenti
Davor Sanvincenti
Art Direction
Davor Sanvincenti
Francisco López
Sound Design
Davor Sanvincenti, Francisco López
Davor Sanvincenti
Lithuanian Composers’ Union (LT)

Selected Filmography – Davor Sanvincenti (1979)

  • Blue Arpeggios (2012) – experimental short
  • The River (2009) – experimental short
  • V-AV Winter (2008) – experimental short
  • Water Portrait (2007) – experimental short
  • Katarina (2006) – experimental short

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