A Very Wet Night at the Museum

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  • 7'
  • 2D
  • color
  • Orig. Title: Vrlo mokra noć u muzeju

The night watchman at the Museum of Natural History falls asleep. He is awakened by his daughter Melissa who informs him that the whole city is flooded. The sea creatures from the museum have escaped, and the blue whale and the giant squid have dragged the museum building into the ocean.

Milan Trenc
Milan Trenc
Art Direction
Milan Trenc
Davor Rocco
Sound Design
Davor Rocco
Milan Trenc, Marko Dješka
Character Design
Milan Trenc
Studio devet

Milan Trenc (1962) graduated in graphic arts and film direction. He has worked in publishing and film. In 1991, he moved to New York where he created over a thousand illustrations and various covers for major American newspapers and magazines. His children’s book, The Night at the Museum (2003), became a Twentieth Century Fox blockbuster starring Ben Stiller (2006; sequel 2009). His films include Ghost story, The Big Time, Zen Stories, Elephant Goes to Kindergarten. For his illustration work he received Print Magazine Excellence Award in 1993 and Society of Publication Designers award in 2003. He is currently teaching film directing at the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts.

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