view in croatian
  • 2012
  • 4'57"
  • video
  • time-lapse, pixilation, stop-motion
  • color

8'22" is an experimental animated film where the tangible natural processes and events which take place around us on a daily basis are captured, in order to represent the passing of time as a component part of life. It examines our curiosity and our desire to know everything about the natural events happening around us, as well as our inability to perceive them completely, which at times can lead us to ignore them. Perhaps we are just helplessly mesmerised by our obsessions, so our bodies become machines or objects that are used in the most inconvenient way, although we are part of the same natural world that fascinates us.

Leona Kadijević
Leona Kadijević
Leona Kadijević
Sara Divjak
Leona Kadijević
Akademija likovnih umjetnosti (ALU)

Selected Filmography – Leona Kadijević (1990)

  • 8'22" (2012) – animation short
  • Secrets… (2009) – animation short

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